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Blogger Q&A's: Kansas Edition

Next up is Cory from Rock Chalk Talk.

1. What is your take on the 2 QBs, Kerry Meier and Todd Reesing?

I think the most important thing this year is to AVOID switching back
and forth. I advocated starting Meier throughout the summer, but once
Mangino made the decision to go to Reesing he needs to be able to
stick with him. Reesing, Meier and Adam Barmann all saw time last
season, but this year there needs to be 1 QB and 1 QB alone.

2. How does the running game keep chugging along without Jon Cornish?

Well, it will be hard to replace him considering he set the
single-season rushing record last season with 1,457 yards. No one on
our roster will put up those types of numbers, so we will go with
somewhat of a committee. Jake Sharp is the starter and will receive
the majority of the carries, but fullback Brandon McAnderson and
backups Angus Quigley and Carmon Boyd-Anderson all figure to get some
touches. Sharp is only a sophomore and has loads of athletic ability,
but probably can't handle a full-time job as of now. McAnderson has
proven he can handle the ball in the past, and Angus (despite a
high-quality name) has tons of athletic ability to create in open
spaces. The wildcard is Boyd-Anderson, who is a true freshman. He
might not see much time at all, but he is the future answer.

3. Do you feel that Kendrick Harper is a God-send of a defensive back
and he'll improve the secondary by bunches or will Kansas' pass
defense still rank near the bottom statistically?

Hopefully he will be healthy for the opener, which most signs indicate
he will be. I think, if healthy, he will be a big improvement over
last season although last season's main starter (true sophomore Alan
Webb) has learned a lot since last season. We will be improved, but
still rank in the bottom half of the Big 12. Our safeties worry me more
than our corners actually, but I think everyone will step up their

4. How will the Jayhawks improve their less-than-stellar pass rush?

I'm not so sure we will. We don't exactly have the "speed rusher" type
at defensive end, at least starting, but Max Onyegbule could fill that
role. The defensive line as a whole tends to be more focused on the
running game, which is a big reason why our running defense has always
been at the top and our passing defense has always been at the bottom.

5. Are you confident in the WRs' ability to make plays?

Not necessarily. None of them blow you away athletically, although
incoming recruit Ryan Murphy could be an impact player from day one.
Him and fellow freshman Dezmon Briscoe will both see spot duty, but
the brunt of the workload will fall on the veteran trio of Dexton
Fields (the cousin of KU basketball player Darrell Arthur), Marcus
Henry, a starter last season, and last year's punt returner Marcus
Herford. Heford's route running is suspect, but his pure speed could
stretch defenses big time. So, to actually answer your question, I'm
"confident" in their ability to make plays. However, the potential is
there (particularly in Dezmon Briscoe, Ryan Murphy and Marcus
Herford) so I am hoping that by season's end I will be confident.

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