Political activist Ralph Nader suggests the elimination of athletic scholarships.....Iowa WR Marvin McNutt out for spring practice due to shoulder injury.....Jim Tressel suspended for five games officially due to role in 'TatooGate'.....Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd arrested on DUI.....


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Blogger Q&A's: UCF Edition

Blogger Q&A's shall commence with interviewing whoever runs Knight Nation, Anthony, I think? :D

1. Is Kyle Israel the man to move the football?

Kyle can get the job done. He probably wont single handedly win games, but if he plays efficiently and limits mistakes he can be successful. I don't see anyone else on the depth chart that has the game experience he has, so that confidence is key. He needs to be a game manager and get the ball in the hands of his skill guys so they can make the big plays and get in the endzone.
I think by years end Kyle will be better then the ranking that the Orlando Sentinel ranked him (89th out of 120).

2. Do you think Darin Baldwin is going to make a huge impact in the secondary?

He has the ability to make big plays, but most young DB's will make mistakes also. So if we're prepared to take the good with the bad, we should be satisfied. Nobody has seen him in game action yet so it's hard to say.

Last year our Defensive ranking was 111th in pass defense, 106th in total defense and 101st in scoring defense. The secondary is comprised mostly of Juniors so if he can help us, Coach will find a way to put him on the field.

3. Is UCF able to beat NC State or USF this year?

Of course UCF is able to. Going on the road adds to the degree of difficulty. Most of the time to win on the road, you need to start fast, take chances, and get the home crowd out of the game.

I know most of Knight Nation wants to win both, but USF is a must win.

4. Besides Rocky Ross, what player do you think will emerge as a second option?

I think Kyle is comfortable with his TE's, hopefully we find a way to utilize Rabazinski more.

With the loss of NFLer Mike Walker. Rocky Ross, Javid James and Willie Thorton and the receiving corp will hopefully step up and help make plays and score in the redzone.

5. Which UCF team should we expect? 2005 or 2006?

I'd go with 2007.

Coach O'Leary says this is his best team at UCF. So lets see how the season plays out. Go Knights!!

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