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Delaware vs. Delaware State?

Jeff Pearlman of Page 2 on ESPN says that his alma mater is being racist by not scheduling this game.

That's a pretty bold claim. And the reason I think it's relevant is the fact that he seems so sure of himself.

Look, I'm a Michigander. I have no clue about the situation that either of these universities are involved in. Delaware seems weaselly about it, but one color is a factor: green. That's all administrative peoples give a rip about. They go wherever the money is. And I just don't think they're seeing it with Delaware State.

They've schedule Morgan State back in the late 70's and 80's but have yet to schedule an HBCU football school to this date. They do play Delaware State in other sports like basketball and baseball. I'm not sure if Jeff knows this or not, but it would only seem fair to include this in the article; it's not like UD totally disregards the Hornets in every facet of collegiate sports.

Then there's the question, what if they do schedule this game due to accusations? Claiming that UD is racist has been somewhat common due to their reluctance to schedule this game. This would be seen as "backing down" to some and it would make it seem like the allegations are credible. Delaware is in a sticky situation for never getting the game scheduled in the first place. So whatever Pearlman is attempting to accomplish is actually acting as a disservice to the cause.

At the very least, this article seems irresponsible to me. If you're going to label somebody or something as racist, you need to have merit. This is just based on his opinion, there is no substantial evidence to back this claim up. Having an opinion is okay, heck, he can think whatever he wants. I just hope he's correctly informed before he goes out and publishes this article.

I don't know, it was interesting. I'm not claiming to have all the answers, Delaware's attitude towards a game with Delaware State just might be racist. It's just not wise to go on a tirade about something that you probably don't have all the facts to.


Anonymous said...

Well, your blog appears wrong. Pearlman's article didn't backfire. According to Delaware's president, his school finally agreed in principle to schedule DSU in football.

Yes, Pearlman didn't offer any proof to his allegation, but how can he be expected to produce a smoking gun when sources at UD have refused to discuss the matter? As preposterous as Pearlman's claims appear to be this late in our history, his conclusions are no less ridiculous than the excuses that UD has peddled for years. UD hasn't had to justify the lies and faulty rationale they've used to avoid playing Del State in football. Why should Pearlman be held to a different standard?

Some times when a bird looks like a duck and flies like a duck, it just might be a duck... even if it calls itself a Blue Hen.

Eric said...

Wait a second, what about the games between them in basketball and baseball? Why do they get those games scheduled if they're racist? That doesn't make any sense to me.

Anonymous said...

The faulty logic there presumes that at Delaware Olympic sports have the same status, carry equal weight and have traditionally been supported in the same manner & degree as football. Baseball, basketball, tiddlewinks and chess aren't in the same stratosphere as football in Delaware, currently or traditionally.

Delaware NEVER agreed to play Del State in any sport prior to 1991. Maybe it was just a big coincidence that UDel finally, after decades of stalling, agreed to face Del State in Olympic sports at the same time they were lobbying the DE State Legislature for a grant to fund construction of their basketball arena. Maybe. Think it would have been possible to land public money had UDel continued to staunchy refuse Del State the opportunity to compete in that new facility?

Other logic presumes that institutional classism/racism must be overt and obvious to exist, that it could not possibly still be alive and well in the liberal realm of higher ed, particularly public-sponsored higher ed. Unfortunately, public higher ed is becoming increasingly privitized (arguably, that's always been the case in Delaware and is becoming more so) and often supported by people with wildly varying agendas. Some of those agendas are purely charitable, others self-serving, and still others completely irrational. At the end of the day, money still rules. It would probably be a mistake to underestimate the power of the irrational, particularly those with very deep pockets.

Eric said...

Oh, I understand that college football is the biggest cash cow for universities.

See, I'm not even disagreeing with you. I just don't have all of the facts.

At the time the article for Page 2 came out, it seemed like he was just throwing around accusations. He could very well be right considering he went there. I don't know.

I understand the elitist mentality of which you speak with regards to the powers-that-be in universities, I know.

Anonymous said...

Eric, "elitist" is probably a more accurate description than the "racist" term that Pearlman employed. Racism is too specific a description.

In this case, the issue of race is interwoven historically into UDel's elitist attitude. It's impossible to separate the two.

Thanks for indulging me.