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Don't Believe the Hype: Week 3

Thanks to Jeremy this week for his new segment called, "Don't Believe the Hype".

"This should be a weekly spot here and a quick synopsis will basically be an over hyped or under hyped list through out the college season. This first list will be all about over hyped or under hyped teams:

Over Hyped Contenders
These teams think they have a shot at the BCS
title, but you see one common thread at why they will not and it is defense.

Wisconsin- I could put the entire Big 10 here but I'll go easy on them, this week. Wisconsin, who I thought would be a national title contender and yes they are 3-0, so far,has given up over 21 points per game this season. If you take a closer look at the Badgers, they had to perform a late fourth quarter drive and made a two point conversion to barely beat terrible UNLV team and the team also gave up 31 points to The Citadel who is a service academy. For Wisconsin to seriously
be a title contender they must shore up that defense against the rest of the Big 10, and they better be careful because traditional cellar dwellers are moving up this year.

Texas - Almost losing to Arkansas State (with some officials help) on opening weekend was a red flag right away. One would think the with Colt McCoy back after an amazing rookie season the fireworks would keep flying, but so far that is not happening. The Arkansas State game was thought to be a fluke, but the same type of performance was put up against TCU for the first half. Then against Central Florida, Texas needed a punt return late in the game to secure the win, and when was UCF every a football power? Where are the days of
running up 40 plus points against Sun Belt teams? The Horns need to start taking teams seriously instead they are acting more like the 2006 Cincinnati Bengals with 6 arrests since June.

Under Hyped Contenders These teams are being overlooked as
threats to the BCS crown or in other teams who can hang with USC.

Florida - People thought that the Gators would have a down year, but WOW!! Urban Meyer really is a genius, just look at his past at Bowling Green, taking Utah to the BCS, and also a record people may not know but against rivals, championship games, and bowl games Urban Meyer is 13-0 dating back to Bowling Green. This team is just impressive. They have a minimal running game, lose their starting QB, and lose most of their defense and they do not miss a beat. The Tennessee game was just a kick in the teeth to Phill Fulmer and the rest of the SEC that Florida is looking to be on its way back to repeat.

LSU - Yes I know LSU is number 2 in the polls, but to be honest, they have done more then USC this year and I think should be number one right because they crushed Virginia Tech and only allowing 7 points so far all year. The Bayou Bengals have just looked more impressive to me then for what USC has done this year, oh, and scoring 40 plus points per game is not too bad.

Oklahoma -They have found their quarterback in Sam Bradford who has all ready thrown for 823 yards and 11 TD's. Plus the Sooner has outscored their opponents by an average of 53 points per game, yes I know one was against offensively challenged Utah State and they played North Texas, but just look at what North
did against SMU just tossing for 601 yards. Then OU also destroyed Miami and put them in their place. These wins reminisce when Nebraska and Florida State were putting up 50-75 points a game in non conference play.

As a wrap up on this section, and it is early in the season, with all these
good teams I would not be surprised to see a 2004 scenario when multiple teams are undefeated come December."

Also, if you want to read about all the happenings of the Mountain West Conference, head on over to the Mountain West Conference Blog and Podcast.


Kyle said...

Nice entry. Agreed 100% on Wisconsin, only putting up 20 on UNLV and having to come from behind, then barely beating The Citadel.

I find LSU as underrated surprising. I think just about everyone has them penciled in for the BCS Championship game. As for doing more than USC, I'm going to let the Pac-10 homer in me come out for a second and say walloping Nebraska in Lincoln is equal to walloping Va. Tech at home. Both are good-not-great teams that were totally overmatched.

jeremy said...

The reason I put LSU as 'under rated' is because they have done more then USC this year and should be number one at this point. It is a long season I will definetly revist this topic again in November