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Red Wolves?

It has been mentioned here that Arkansas State was going to change their nickname from the Indians to something. Well, it's official now.

The Arkansas State Red Wolves. Hm. I dunno, at least it's unique. While the Indian Mascot/PC thing is another story for another day, what do you guys think about the name change?


tom said...

I like it.

If ASU hires Nolan Richardson tocoach basketball, they're already talking about "40 minutes of Howl"

Kyle said...

I Googled the term, apparently there is a breed of wolf called red. Indians isn't bad, I'd be way more offended by Washington Redskins.

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

Atleast they didn't go with "Bulldogs" or "Wildcats."

Eric said...

Yeah, I think Redskins should be changed.

I'm not a member of the PC Police, but if a significant amount of certain tribes are offended that their name is being paraded around as a mascot, the universities should listen. If some tribes like it, like I think the Seminoles do for Florida State, more power to 'em.