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New Bowls?

Unbelievable. I heard of the Yankee Bowl and I was aware of the Dallas Football Classic as new postseason games for the 2010 season, but what now?

Well, it's called the Cure Bowl. The cause seems noble enough, but do we really need another bowl? We could just relocate one. Or one can have most of its profit geared toward breast cancer research. But no! We need to add the THIRTY-SEVENTH bowl game to the postseason. I'm a fan of more college football, but this is getting ridiculous.

Who is set to play in this one? It's set up for C-USA vs. Sun Belt. The Dallas Football Classic will have a Big 10 team against either a Big 12 or C-USA team. The Yankee Bowl (or what is now referred to as the "Pinstripe Bowl" as it seems to be called now) will be between the Big 12 and the Big East. I like the marketing strategy for the New York Bowl game, but the others probably will stretch out the bowl teams too thin.

So where does this put us? Well, we had 34 bowls last season which equated to 68 teams selected to participate. How many eligible teams did we have? Only 71. The three that were left out were Notre Dame due to their own stuck-upness, UL Monroe, and UL Lafayette. Isn't this going a little bit too far? If all of these bowls pass, we'll need 74 teams to get eligible, or roughly 61% of the teams. My only question is what is the process for filling in teams should the requirements not be met? Do bowls need to file a waiver to either the FBA or the NCAA or something? I'm not sure what the protocol will be. Do the bowls not occur? It doesn't seem like that would happen because it'd be money down the drain.

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