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Hypothetical Conference Expansion

With all of this conference talk going on, I thought I'd give my take on what the college football landscape will look like in about 2 or 3 years. Nobody knows what is going on. Texas A&M wants to join the SEC. The Pac-10 wants to use teams from the Midwest. The Big 10 wants to go from New Jersey to Missouri. The Big East wants Kansas. It's mayhem, folks.

This is my guesstimate of what college football will look like in 2011 or 2012:

Here's my guess:


Pacific Division:

1. USC
2. Oregon
3. Oregon State
4. Stanford
6. Cal
7. Washington State
8. Washington

West Division:

1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Oklahoma State
4. Texas A&M
5. Texas Tech
6. Arizona
7. Arizona State
8. Colorado

Big 16

East Division:

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Penn State
4. Michigan State
5. Rutgers
6. Indiana
7. Syracuse
8. Pitt

West Division:

1. Wisconsin
2. Iowa
3. Nebraska
4. Missouri
5. Minnesota
6. Illinois
7. Northwestern
8. Purdue


East Division:

1. Florida
2. Georgia
3. Tennessee
4. West Virginia
5. South Carolina
6. Kentucky
7. Vanderbilt

West Division:

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Auburn
4. Arkansas
5. Ole Miss
6. Mississippi State
7. Kansas (mainly for basketball)

ACC Stays the same, but could add ECU, UCF, or UConn or something to expand to 14 teams. I think there's also a chance, to bolster basketball, that the ACC looks into grabbing Syracuse and Connecticut from the Big East. Not sure what that would entail for the Big East and the Big 10.

Big East (auto BCS bid revoked)
1. Cincinnati
2. USF
3. UConn
4. Louisville
5. ECU
6. Memphis
7. Marshall
8. Villanova (maybe in the future)
9. UCF
10. Southern Miss

Mountain West (now a BCS conference)

West Division
1. TCU
2. Iowa State
3. Baylor
4. Kansas State
5. Houston
6. SMU
7. Colorado State
8. Air Force

Mountain Division
1. Boise State
2. Utah
3. BYU
4. Fresno State
6. Nevada
7. New Mexico
8. San Diego State

WAC (looks more like the circa-2000 WAC between C-USA remainders and remaining schools)
1. Hawaii
2. Idaho
3. New Mexico State
4. Wyoming (booted from MWC)
5. San Jose State
6. Utah State
7. Tulsa
8. Rice
10. North Texas (really a shot in the dark, but I think the WAC will want to even it out and it would help the Sun Belt align itself with even divisions. This would take place before the 2013 season when the Sun Belt accepts Southern Alabama as a member)

MAC Stays the same, C-USA is deleted.

Sun Belt

East Division
1. Troy
2. Florida Atlantic
3. Florida International
4. UAB
5. Southern Alabama
6. Arkansas State (yes, I know it is more westward than MTSU and WKU, but the conference probably doesn't want to split that budding rivalry up)

West Division
1. Middle Tennessee
2. Western Kentucky
3. UL Lafayette
4. UL Monroe
5. Tulane
6. Louisiana Tech

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